Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I shot this image yesterday in southern Alberta. There was a chinook wind blowing gusts up to 100km/hr, and the grass was laying nearly flat under its power. I really like the base image but am not sure where it needs to end up. This is just an initial transformation.

Process: gaussian blur layer@ 50% opacity plus blurry unsharp mask layer (for contrast control) also at 50%, then flattened. Grayscaled, then quadtoned, then back to RGB and edged on a layer with a jittery grunge brush on a black background.

I like the subtle blur of the image. I think it adds to the idea of motion. Not sure what the perfect tone is for the image - I tried cool tones, a simple sepia, and b&w. I (again) liked this tone best.

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Crystal said...

I found you via Rhonda - how lucky she is to have someone like you to share info with! I love your photos - I know I will be inspired here. Thanks for sharing all the technical stuff, which I am such a novice at.