Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Last Day In Hawaii

Waikiki Beach. No, we're not happy to be home. It's blizzarding!

The Polynesian Cultural Center

Sonya's Fishie!

Caught it all by herself at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Today's Colour

"Baby Beach", Poipu (above)

Kilauea Lighthouse (above & below)

Surf @ Kilauea (above)
Waterfall, trail to Queen's Bath (above)
Queen's Bath
Another waterfall, trail to Queen's bath (above)

Taro fields, Hanalei Valley (above)

Today's B&W

Baby Beach, Poipu. Couldn't decide if i liked it in B&W or colour. So sue me.

Lighthouse, Kilauea (above & below)

Surf @ Queen's Bath

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Cliffs at Shipwreck Beach

A shot at dusk with a polarizer, ISO 200 and 9 seconds @ f22 turns the ocean into a nice mist.

The Shorties on Shipwreck Beach

At last... photographic proof that they don't fight ALL the time!

Vacation Cutie :)

"Old Koloa Town"

Koloa is an old shipping port. Back in the day it was an important hub for whalers and sugar plantation workers/owners. These days it's a small tourist spot with several of the original buildings still in use. There's a short raised boardwalk with little shops that are fun to explore. I did these in a "tintype" style (though it doesn't look that much like the example on wikipedia!)