Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Amaryllis blossom, Version 2.0

Another amaryllis - my wife seems rather fond of them. I noticed this one blooming today and it had some great colors, which i promptly downplayed a bit. Two layers - one gaussian blur, the other with monochromatic noise to simulate grain. I used manual focus to selectively note the red rims around the petals but it's lost a bit with the treatment I gave the overall image. I have a couple more shots of this bloom that I'll play with and post shortly.


whitney said...

What kind of treatment did you give htis image? Looks great. I took some pictures of mine from Christmas and would like to soften them somehow but I'm not a wiz with photoshop like all you crazy Davis'.

carol said...

AGAIN- love these flowers- Oh and the pictures you took of Roman-SOOOO wonderful-I look at them every day when I get sick of working.