Monday, January 01, 2007

Two more...

My "poor-man's studio" consists of two Olympus camera flashes mounted with adaptors on stands and bounced into umbrellas. It's powerful enough to do head and torso shots; I tape or tack up a cloth background (in this case, white fabric taped to a large window) and with a flash meter purchased on eBay for $35 and a basket of fresh AA batteries I'm ready to go. The down side to this method is not having a modelling lamp to figure out where the shadows will fall, so it takes some trial and error. Usually I just set the two flash/umbrella assemblies at opposing 45 degree angles to get a smooth, easy high-key approach. One of these days when I scrape up some money I look forward to buying a couple of proper studio strobes, as this is a lot of fun!

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