Monday, January 01, 2007

Favorites from the Christmas Bowling Expedition

Considering the low, poor quality light in the bowling alley and the fact that I absolutely detest on-camera flash, I shot these at ISO 3200 (or HI 1.0 as Nikon calls it) and in B&W to diminish the tendency of high-ISO digital to produce ugly noise. My Nikon tends to get grainy and VERY soft at 3200 but I don't mind it with the right material, and since there's no other way to really get the shot, it's fine by me. And yes, some of the are blurry... but that's part of the charm!

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whitney said...

blury smury - it's not the pictures it's remembering the good ol' times we had. we want to see all the pictures you took that weekend because we are slackers with our camera.